Cervical Spine Cancer

Cervical spine cancer is a tumor that grows at the bone of the cervix or spread from other parts of the body to the cervix. Most of the patients diagnosed with this tumor complains about mild pain in the neck. It is the most common early symptom at the early stage where later the pain is unbearable. This pain will later spread to the shoulder, arm or leg when the tumor growth involve the spinal cord or nerve roots.With further growth, weakness in the arms or legs can develop decreasing the ability to walk normally.

Metastatic cervical spine tumors or cancer that spread from other location are usually benign cancer. There form the majority of the diagnosed cervical spine cancer and routinely treated without surgery unless abnormality spotted. Primary tumors which grow on the cervical spine bone itself can me benign or malignant and further categorize in two more sub category; intramedullary or extramedullary.

Medical and Surgical Treatment

While most of the cervical spine cancer are treated without surgery such as whole-beam radiation, stereotactic radio surgery and chemotherapy. The method depending on the factors of the tumors such as the size of tumor and the types of cancer. If the medical shows that tumor is radio sensitive, radiation therapy may only be the only treatment option.

Surgery often involves removing the back part of the spine as safe as possible. Patients will suffer general anesthesia, position prone and have scar on the back. Follow up treatment maybe necessary such as radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy depending on the type of surgery and what type of internal fixation was used.


Acupuncture and Herbal Treatment

If the patient dislike radiation or chemical oriented medicine, acupuncture and herbal treatment is the popular treatment choice. Herbs are from plant so it is natural. There are many herbal plant in countries around the world. Tumor are treated by mix matching the herbs according to the patient illness. While undergoing treatment routinely, tumors stand a chance to total dissolve using this method.

Chinese master is very famous for traditional Chinese medicine in KL Acupuncture and Herbal treatment centre. His patients come from all around the world. He is the fourth generation acupuncturist and Chinese physician with 145 years of practitioner and research inherited in the way of medication.

Patients are usually being assess by the master of their ‘qi’, which is an important element in Traditional Chinese Medicine to identify necessary treatment for the patients. Being an experienced Chinese physician, Master can identify the patients problem accurately and advise on their treatment routine and diet. Due to his expertise, Chinese Master can mix a combination of herbs meant for the illness that the patient needs without hassle.


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